lawn care franchise

Let Our Decades of Experience Go to Work for You

How would you like your own on staff Agronomist, Marketing coordinator and IT Specialist just a phone call away? You’ll also have your own, unique proprietary organic based fertilizer blends designed specifically for your marketplace as well as other high-end lawn and plant care materials.

You’ll also enjoy deep discounts on products, marketing materials, equipment and more!

lawn care franchise

Professional Lawn & Plant Care Support

Professional lawn and plant care is truly a science. Our on-staff experienced agronomic experts will be there for all of your technical training, ongoing support, diagnostics, program design and product R&D, and so much more.

organic lawn care franchise

Private Label, Organic-Based Fertilizers

Private label, organic-based fertilizers with your company’s name on the bag. These products are formulated specifically for the lawns in your market. An easy-to-follow, result-oriented lawn care program, and easy supplier direct ordering on approved products.

lawn care franchise

Professional Marketing Coordinator

Growing a profitable lawn care business in todays world requires a multi-prong marketing approach. Your marketing coordinator will work with you to develop a marketing plan that will propel your Freedom Lawns brand within your marketplace. This includes social media, beautiful creative print material, press releases and much more.

organic lawn care franchise

Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting Support

Our industry specific software program will keep your business on track, help improve communication with your clients and help you to market the many services that your customers need. Accounting, book keeping and guidance in all aspects of operating a successful business is all part of the Freedom Lawns support package.

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Professional Website & IT Support

Technology is not only changing rapidly in today’s business world but is also determining how we conduct business. Let our Freedom Lawns IT Specialists take care of your on-line marketing, and website management while you dedicate your time and effort in growing and managing your business.